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WOD − 08/20/2014

10 arm circles each direction 20 jumping jacks 20 lunges w/ twist (10 each leg) 20 no push up burpees 30 front to back hops 30 sit ups

For time 3-6-9-12 Power Cleans 185/115 RX+ 225/155 Muscle Ups Bar or Rings (women black band still rx) 15-18-21 Box Jumps 24/20 RX+ 36/30 GHD Sit ups touch floor and touch footpads no exceptions for rx and rx+

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the Knockout CrossFit in Lawrenceville is a great place to workout, get in shape and have fun doing CrossFit.
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Have never found a gym full of so many kind, caring people ever. The trainers are incredible at every aspect of general fitness and each has a specialty that complements each other so as to cover any potential fitness question you may have. If you are willing to give KOCF a chance, I can promise you will find you are part of the family in no time.
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One word, AWESOME!!!