Competitors Class

For many former athletes they’ve found their competitive self again in the sport of CrossFit. And for many others, they have found the competitive side to be fun, rewarding and exciting. And as the sport of CrossFit has continued to grow, the opportunity and desire to compete has too. Competitions, both team and individual require a large skill set and different mentality than your day-to-day class “WOD” and we want to help our athletes prepare for them accordingly.

Knockout CrossFit has decided to offer a weekly competitors class. This class is only for those who are truly interested in taking their training to the next level to compete. Higher-level skill, tougher metcons, benchmarks, and lift tests are regular occurrences. As the class identifies competitions they want to do we will focus in on those and their specific work out in each class. This class will focus more on the competition itself and not so much on “teaching you CrossFit” so we recommend you have a fair amount of CrossFit experience prior to jumping into this class. We will talk strategy, preparation, and skill requirements. As well as trying to build teams so each athlete’s skills will compliment anothers. Train hard, play hard and have fun.

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